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Sep 21, 2010

Forecast 75F and....


 Yes the season has truly begun! Class, Rehearsal till 2:15, 30 minute massage(thank you, thank you), 3 hour break(not such a fan of the long break) and then rehearsal from 6 until 8 or 9.(and Nutcracker Grand Pas at that..... :-S). My body is asking "WTF? Where did swimming at the beach and laying out go?"...

 Really though, I am excited to start rehearsals and get back into shape fully! 

 I am cast as 'Hilarion' in Giselle. It's the second male lead and a lot of times it's an older dancer and maybe not too much dancing. In this version the dancing is harder. It's also a very emotional part with a lot of acting. It will be fun to do. Opening Night is October 13th. Not a lot of time to prepare a full length ballet. Everything is being thrown at us at a very high speed and we must absorb instantly. No learning it slowly and getting it into your body. 

 I will for sure, no matter how late, be putting my feet in the sea tonight! 

 I will try and get some studio shots and post soon. 

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  1. Everything sounds amazing :) So happy and excited for you!

    Miss you my friend,
    ~ Bekah