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Oct 5, 2010

First Month, complete

 Yes, it has been a whole month! I have survived! 

 The first two weeks went by quite fast and were quite enjoyable. It was basically vacation! These last two weeks, while not bad by any means, dragged a bit. Mostly due to adjusting to the work schedule and only having one day a week to myself! But I'm happy to say I am adjusting and we are now getting ready for our first production.

 With regards to our first production(Giselle), we started being in the theatre a bit this week. I will take pictures and write a about the theatre tomorrow. I feel a bit unprepared still, as there is a lot in the ballet that has to be rehearsed. But by that first performance I have no doubt I will be comfortable in the role. 

 Every day that I wake up and look out my window to the sea, I am still amazed! It's very serene. I am thankful for all the things I am experiencing. 


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