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Sep 6, 2010


 That's Hello in Croatian! I am currently sitting in the City Center(I will become better actual names when I have had more than 2 hours of sleep over a more than 24 hours period..) at an outdoor cafe. I am within a stones throw of the Sea and I'm sipping a pivo(beer)!!

 It was a long, but easy trip, for which I am thankful. Caity was my partner in crime the whole way and we met up with Scott in Zurich. They are my fellow American's joining me on this journey! Life can be made so much easier, when someone else is in the same boat with you! I am seeing that this is going to be more of a journey than I had anticipated, but I am Ok with that. Another page in the book of life!

 A funny thing happened while we were in Zurich. Caity and I decided we needed caffeine, now! So we followed a familiar red K, no it wasn't a Kmart, but a Kiosk, a bodega of sorts. I grabbed a coke and she an iced coffee. She was to pay this one so we both didn't have to use our cards. It's one of those machines that eats your cards, but instead of spitting it back out it decided her card was pretty tasty! So 10 minutes later after many laughs and fumbles from us and the sales person, it comes back out(I'm sure it has battle wounds). I then tried to pay using the "blink" chip on my card... that too did not work. I was then going to just put my card in. She was so scared my card would get stuck in the machine, she was like "NOOOO NOOOO, don't put it in! Go next door!: HA! Well, next door 2 cokes was 12 Euros... thank you Zurich Airport!

 Our flight from Zurich to Split was short but gorgeous! To see the Swiss Alps in person, was mesmerizing! The clouds looked like snow floating above the glorious peaks! A tiny perpeler plane, but one of the most amazing flights of my life! On the drive form the airport to Split proper, I was awe struck. Beautiful mountains, the clearest water. Crazy mix of mediterranean mediterranean homes and industrial buildings....

I have taken some pics today, but will have to upload them later. I left my cord back at the Villa!

Do daljnjega Vrijeme!!

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  1. Sounds fabulous! The Swiss Alps were an amazing sight for me, too. So excited for you (and jealous)!