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Sep 1, 2010

Living in The Now

Now the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word 'Split', didn't used to be Croatia............ Well it is now! I will be dancing with The National Ballet Theatre of Croatia-Split! I wasn't really looking for it, I had just moved back to NYC and was very happy with how things were going. But when opportunity knocks, you better answer!

My goal with this blog is to post a photo a day. It could be the most minuscule thing, but if it's new to me, I will snap it!

I'm looking forward to sharing my new adventures with everyone I will be missing (there is quite the list) and hoping to entice you to come and visit me! I don't promise to write much, but I have a feeling I will have many things to share, so I will try......

I will post my first photo as I am departing this great country on September 5th.

Do daljnjega Vrijeme!! (until next time in Croatia)

P.S. I owe this whole opportunity to Alex Tressor! So Thank You, to him! He teaches a fantastic class at STEPS Monday-Saturday at 4:30!

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