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Sep 11, 2010

Dan Sest aka Day 6

  It's only been 6 days?!?!.... It really seems like it's been longer than 6 days. Mostly in a good way! I feel like I've learned my way around fairly well and getting acclimated to all the new surroundings.  But it also feels like I've not talked to anyone in a very long time! That will hopefully change soon....

  Today is a gloriously sunny day! It's the best day weather wise since we've been here. Yesterday was gloomy and rainy for the majority of the day. I'm quite enjoying the warmth, plan on taking a real swim in a little while! Tonight we are going to get dressed up and come have a drink down in the "city". It'll be fun to see a real Croatian bar and not just the Cafe on the Riva (that's the name of the boardwalk by the sea).

 Have a wonderful weekend to everyone reading this! I will post some new pics soon!

     Do daljnjega Vrijeme!

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