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Sep 13, 2010

Name that Tune....

....I couldn't come up with a creative title...

  First weekend in Split completed. It was pretty low key, but very enjoyable! Saturday after we took class and were around the Riva for a while on the internet, we went back to the Villa and went for a real swim! It was so nice, quite chilly, but the sun was very strong so that made up for it!  That evening we got all dolled up and went into the Centar and had dinner( I had these tiny little fish, lightly battered and flash fried ) and then a drink! Can't forget the Gealato(which here is more like ice cream than Italian Gelato)!

 Sunday, I "slept in".  Which means I slept till 10:30....went for a nice relaxing walk around the villa and then did laundry. Now one thing about doing laundry here, is no one has a dryer. Top of the line, front loading washers, but they hang dry everything! It's ok...I guess...but certain things you want to shrink back a little and that crunchy feeling from the salt in the air, not my favorite. This is but a small detail, that will fade with time. I can easily give up a dryer for a private beach :-D

 One small detail I wont be able to get over.... I went to buy my face lotion( Clinique gel lotion). I was expecting it to be about the same price as in the states. IF NOT LESS, because it's made in Europe...boy was I wrong! The small tube cost around $46 dollars! Either people will be sending me some *wink wink* or I'll have to try other things. I really don't like lotion, so this will be a chore!

 Work has yet to start. We've been taking class since last wednesday and I guess rehearsals will start on Thursday...or so I gathered...

 Heading back to the villa so swim! Walking back, because I just can't get over the view!


  1. Can you order the Clinique gel directly from them?

    I don't know if shipping would make it even more than $46. Yikes.

  2. hey nathan!!!! oh how i know your dryer and clinique woes. i finally broke down and bought a dryer a couple of years ago. it's a condensing dryer which means i can put it anywhere since there's no hot air exhaust tube (or whatever it's called) that goes to the outside. i got tired of having to plan my wardrobe according to what was dry and what was not... and crunchy towels are never fun. you'll get used to it though. even though i have a dryer i still line dry certain things. there's something about the fresh air and sun on linens. as far as clinique goes... it's freakin' expensive isn't it! i too was using the gel and always stocked up when in the states. you might want to look at places online in the uk like: they have free worldwide delivery. you could also switch to a european brand like vichy, roc, or avène. they're expensive in the usa but really cheap here in europe. seems like all is going well. by the way... i'm totally coming to visit you! jaimie xo