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Sep 8, 2010

When in Rome...errr SPLIT!

 Today was the first day of class! We got picked up by a taxi and taken to the studio. It's a nice building if a bit dreary. The dressing room is dark, but it's like a theatre dressing room with individual mirrored seats, so that's nice. The studio is a good size, the floor is a bit sticky, but decent. There is always this anxious feeling when taking class with a new company for the first time, because dancers are very territorial about where they stand at the barre.....So you don't want to step on anyones toes! We kind of waited around until the teacher started class and just took an empty spot! It was a straight forward easy class. What was interesting was it's the first class I remember taking where no english was spoken, very little french either. Thankfully ballet is visual so it was easy to follow. 

  I tweaked my ankle slightly at the end of class, yes that's me for you. *rolls eyes* It will be fine, RICE(rest, ice compress and elevation) plus some creams that will helping with swelling. This week is just class, so I don't have to go crazy anyways. Just send all your good energy this way! 

 Very much enjoying everything so far, but am missing people back in the states(and other places). More so because of the time difference and with there being no internet at the villa I can't skype/chat or anything directly because I can't be online late enough! That will hopefully change soon though...

 Hope everyone's enjoying this, I'm enjoying writing it more than I anticipated. 

   Do daljnjega Vrijeme!

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  1. You tweaked your ankle on the first day of class?!! Be careful please.
    Also, I love reading your blog; which I know can be a pain in the butt to take the time to do. But please know that it's appreciated.
    It looks so damn beautiful there.