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Oct 22, 2010

Parking Wars

I love the TV show 'Parking Wars'! It's a simple, but highly entertaining show. It follows Parking Enforcement Officers around issuing tickets for any number of violations. People are quite hostile towards them, so it makes for good entertainment! They would have a heart attack here in Split! Parking is a free for all! The above car is parked in the island! You can park your car backwards, sideways or upside down if you so choose! (perhaps not quite that freely, but you get the picture!)

Now I'm sure the above car was towed away, but still to even think it was ok to put your car there?..... Speaking of towing a car, they don't truly tow the car here. They pick it up, it's referred to as "the spider", and put it on a flat bed truck. It's quite the production!

Maybe I should start my own reality show about parking in Split.....
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