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Nov 11, 2010

It's Been a While...

Never tire of this view....
Yes, I know. I've not done a very good job of blogging lately... Things have just been, all consuming? Yeah I think that's a good way to describe it. Being busy is good though, it's how I like it. It makes time go by faster, most of the time.

 We were learning and rehearsing Napoli for 2.5 weeks, while finishing up the last performances of Giselle. Then we started working Don Q and Nutcracker for tour in Italy. That in itself would be enough, but I've been going to the dentist for root canal work about FUN!

 Let's talk about ballet first. Learning Napoli was hard, but a lot of fun. It's just dance, dance, dance and more dance! It was nice to have a different teacher for a few weeks and also one who spoke clear and concise english(most of them time). Learning Don Q. has been a bit of a different process. More confusion involved, more frustration. It's a ballet they have been doing here for years and years, so everyone knows it and everyone has a slightly different version... but it's finally starting to gel a bit and I think it will come together just fine for tour(positive energy). Nutcracker we've not started too much on it, just been working on Grand Pas. Working with a different partner now, so that will take some adjusting. Our tour will take place in southern Italy. Below Sicily! I will post more in detail about that before we leave.

 Root Canal, it's a foul word! It really wasn't all that painful before I went to the dentist, as of this moment it's quite painful. I've been twice so far.

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