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Dec 12, 2010

Italy Primi

  So, I'll go in order as much as I can, but I may wander around...

  Getting to Italy in and of its self was an experience! I'd never been on a ship before, just little motor boats. I felt like I was on a moving mansion, which I was. The rooms are so tiny, but serve the purpose of sleeping, if that is your goal. It was Scott's Birthday while we were on the ship. A bunch of us stayed up playing card games and eating cookies to celebrate is Birthday! After a little sleep, the knock on your door at 6 am for an arrival at 7:30. We arrived in Ancona to rain and a chill in the air. Not such a pretty view when first arriving, but that was probably the only time we didn't have a pretty view while in Italy!

 Next leg of the trip... a 15 hour bus ride! We didn't stop the first time until after around 4 hours, but after that it seemed like we stopped every hour! It was long, but not boring! Lots of eating occurred, the most junk food I'd eaten in a long long time! It wasn't the end of our trip...

 Next was a ferry to Sicily and then 1.5 hours in the bus. Luckily the ferry took 20 mins, so it didn't extend the trip too much...

 When we pulled up to our Hotel we were all a little bit anxious. It looked like a deserted hotel from a movie, where one might find them selves at the hands of a serial killer... but it wasn't. It was actually quite nice on the inside, simple, but comfortable.

 The next morning after a restful night of sleep, I got up early and went for a walk, here are some pictures I took!

  While wandering I ran into some fellow dancers and joined them at a cafe and then we continued to walk and found a little shop where we got provisions!

 That night we headed to the "theatre"... boy was that a disaster! It was my first experience being on a raked stage! Describes a raked stage Raked stages are HORRIBLE for dancing! This one was small too, which makes it even worse. I was very happy to be dancing corps that night! The Soloist did an amazing job handling that stage!

 That was the first full day in Italy! Stay tuned for the Secondi course of Italy!

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