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Dec 21, 2010

Secondi Course! More of Italia!

The rest of the time spent in Sicily was most enjoyable. We moved to a bigger and better theatre in Catania. It was still raked, but after the first stage, seemed flat as the earth once was thought to be! Catania is a real city. The hussel and bussel of people, plenty of shopping. We were never in Catania long enough to really enjoy as we were staying closer to the coast, but I didn't mind because were we were was comfortable and left plenty to do and see. 

  Eating was something that I did plenty of in Italy. One has to keep their energy up right? Well, I like to tell myself that anyways... The hotel we were staying in had a great lunch. 3 courses for 13 euros, roughly 16 or 17 dollars. Or you could get just get a la carte. The dishes were always simple, but delicious. The buffet of side dishes was a big draw. I love zucchini so having it 5 different ways suited me perfectly! Getting back form the theatre so late made dinner a bit tough. Either something left over from lunch or a sandwich made from provisions from the shop near by. Wonderful buffalo mozzarella, salami, persutio and arugula on a fresh cibata roll! Molto Bono! Lets not even talk about the pistachio gelato for breakfast(I felt very Eat, Pray, Love when I had it...) 

  The last performance in Sicily was the premier of Caity and I in Nutcracker. I have done Grand Pas many many times and so it wasn't the first time to perform it. But it's quite a different version that I've previously done and it was the first time Caity and I performed together. As I've said before performing is all we are working towards and to do it, at least for me, is always exhilarating. Even if it is Nutcracker.. The performance went quite well and we both were glad to break the ice and get the first one down! 

 Italy was so much more than I anticipated. I look forward to going back and exploring more of Italy, hopefully soon. 

 I didn't forget dessert, I will share some random sugary bites soon. :-) 

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