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Dec 27, 2010

A Christmas Like None Before!

  For most of us Christmas is spent with our family. Annual Christmas dinners or white elephant parties. Waking up at 6 am to open presents(even as an adult...). In the kitchen "helping" aka stealing bites here and there. Eating too much, but throughly enjoying it. Sometimes it's the only time of the year spent with your family(or a good majority of them). It's a wonderful time of year, even if it can be beyond stressful. 

  This year Christmas was a little different. Christmas eve was spent out having drinks with some friends, enjoying the brisk cold air over some mulled wine and honey brandy. House music isn't something I usually hear on Christmas eve, but it seemed fitting on this nice! 

 Christmas day, the same anticipation was not there, but was still looking forward to cooking and having people over! Everyone started arriving around 5. All brought/made something. While the last minute preparations continued the fun began! The array of food, was not your normal spread( for me, it was my first lasagna at Christmas), but the amount of food was the usual over indulgence! 5 different desserts I believe!

  Oh and you can't forget the random games of musical chairs and duck duck goose...

  So while this wasn't your "usual" Christmas, it was a Christmas to never forget! 

  Now on to PARIS! My first New Years in Europe! 

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