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Jul 16, 2011

26 is the magic number

  In 26 days I will be back, landing in the wonderful USA! I will be reunited with so many people that I wont have seen in almost a year and I will be reunited with MY city. "The City That Never Sleeps." I think that will apply those first 10 days.

  I will be 26 in 11 days. It will be my first birthday in Europe and my first birthday outside of NYC in about 5 years! I look back just 3 or 4 years and while it's really not that long ago, it seems like a life time has passed. And in a way I guess it has. In the last few years I've met so many wonderful people who are such a part of my life, even when separated by thousands of miles. I've traveled and seen more places than I could've hoped for( I want to see more, always) and experienced life in such a different light. The good and the bad. 

 I look forward to being 26 and I look forward to being home in 26 days!  

 It has been such an experience, one I will never forget! 

 Look out for some top 10 post coming soon! 

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